Rio Ferdinand: Stones should choose United over Chelsea

Former England international Rio Ferdinand feels Everton’s John Stones should pick Manchester United over Chelsea if the defender prefers more playing time.

Champions Chelsea have had bids for the 21-year-old defender turned down with other clubs, including United, also in the fray, according to British media reports.

“If he goes to Man United, he plays every week so that’s the right club for him,” former England captain and centreback Ferdinand said.

“If he goes to Chelsea, he’s not playing every week. He’s at that stage of his development where he wants to play every week.

“If you say to any young footballer to leave a club to sit on the bench, you’ve got to be a lunatic. You have to be.”

Ferdinand believes his former club United need to strengthen their defence.

“I don’t think (coach Louis Van Gaal) knows his best defence — that’s a problem in itself,” the 36-year-old Ferdinand, who retired at the end of last season, added.

“Part of the reason he doesn’t know it is because he hasn’t had a chance to watch them all play over a long time — consistently for 12 or 15 games.

“If you don’t get that familiarity between you as defenders, it’s difficult to build foundations.


What It Means to Be a Friend



“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” -John 15:13

As humans, our natural tendency is to immediately take things for face value and never care to look deeper. When seeing this verse from the bible, what is the one meaning that initially stands out from this? For me, I was always eager to speak up and say, “its saying that the greatest love we can ever give is dying for someone.” But is that all it means? Is that really the only thing that this verse can give us, that we’ll never reach the peak of our love if we never die for someone?

Personally, I struggled with those questions for some time until recently when I was doing yardwork. I drifted off into my thoughts and recalled a moment where one of my friends was really going through a tough…

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Dating Isn’t Complicated…We Are (Part 2)


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Often, in some fashion, what we’ve been through forms the perceptions we have now towards things such as dating. Here’s the kicker though.Our past experiences DON’Thave to define how we viewdating in the present and for the most part we know that, butwe still have a tendencyto let them. Weplaceourselvesin a position to repeat ourhistory once again by referencing or comparing our dates with “previous times” with others and using them as templates and forget onething about past experiences…they failed. People are different. Dating experiences are different. Old relationships passed away and we should make it our business to let them stay that way when we’re on the path to starting or ATTEMPTING to start a new one. Dating a new person should be a fresh start, more specifically, a fresh start WITHOUT last month’s or last year’s dirty laundry. Many times we blame our lack of success in dating…

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Dating Isn’t Complicated..We Are (Part 1)


Why does it seem like dating is so hard? We find somebody, they don’t turn out to be what we thought, and then we just repeat the cycle. We get on social media or go to other people and complain about why there are no good men/women out there. We have all the answers though. We can name everything wrong with our dating partners and why relationships can’t even remotely be successful because of them and only them.
The one place we tend to overlook (because it would hurt our pride way more than we would like) is OURSELVES and I don’t believe we ever take the time to TRUTHFULLY assess what WE could do better to come across quality, marriage-worthy counterparts, especially not without throwing a tremendous pity party and wanting to give up completely. Now I’m no expert, but between the happy relationship I’m currently in and the…

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