Easy Ways to make Your Website or Blog famous


Unlike in the 20th Century and the early 21st Century, nowadays setting up a website has become so simple. Blogging has become more or less a habit for most of the People around the world. With the use of Platforms like WordPress, Google Blogs etc. You can easily setup your own blog or website easily. In 2015 there are over a billion websites out there, but only a few websites like BuzzFeed, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google etc. are controlling the Internet. Mostly all the online services are already available. Dominating a famous website and taking its place is a very big deal. Even though the task may sound harder than expected, it can still be done. Here are some free and paid ways to advertise and get a decent amount of viewers every month.

Use Social Media as an Advertising platform.

One of the simplest ways to let…

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