these days

Good to be Home

phone dump post ahead!

dedicated to the ones I love…….


This was about a month ago at a little league game.  Rich brought one chair and we eventually realized we had both decided on the ground so we could sit really close together.


Seth was in the garage and dropped something (he said it was a hammer-thing) on his pinky toe.  He came in the house to show me his painful swollen and bloody toe.  “I saw my toenail fly off.  I couldn’t find it.” For some reason this struck me as hilarious…the thought of my six year old ignoring the pain and taking the time to search for his toenail, like maybe he thought it could be reattached.


Mitch and Ethan stylin’ at Jacob’s graduation.


The cake I made my Mama for her birthday.


Singing Happy Birthday to Grandma on June 19th.


At the end of the day…Jacob’s graduation…

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