Through The P Hole

There is only one minor difference between Dotty and I, that being she is of the dog sort. Other than that, we are twins – sisters from another mister.

Firstly, we look the same. Well as similar as dog and human can; we both have wild, curly brown hair and matching brown eyes. For a dog, comparing her to other dog’s of her breed, she is a short pooch and I am a short(ish) human, I’d like to think – TWINS. Dotty even has thumbs. The only thing I’m lacking is a tail.

Secondly, we are both intelligent and extremely cute. We even share fears. I don’t know the word for when you pass your fears on to your pets but I am sure there is one. We are both terrified of the hoover, for three years I have heard the hoover always be accompanied by a dog barking. It’d be…

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