Dear dream, don’t die !!!!

vikas chandra

Always been my very own, neither lent nor thieved, O dream!
You the child of my hope, cause to live a day more, to wait
For an age of qualms to end, and a prized promise to redeem
Don’t die just yet, never care what avers, the fickle finger of fate

How you hold my little world and I own your sublime presence
We dwell in each other, entwined to brew a behemoth grand
It’s the spirit of our passion that kindles the spark of essence
Don’t let it die, for we the bravehearts from cloud cuckoo land

Only comrade amongst a flock called “friends”
You the compass of my heart, soul and mind
Just bend the route, why distressed by dead-ends
Don’t quit just yet, time stands by us, four-square behind

The time counts on you, for the era it long awaits
For world reshaped by eternal dreams that…

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