I flushed it down the toilet. Why? Because I panicked !

Awkward Truths

I bet when most people read the subject line to this post, they will believe that I am referring to maybe some sort of drug, or a used condom, or something fun, but this is simply not the case.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I moved into a new modern, awesome studio apartment in Seattle, that we love!

Anyways…. Today, when he went to the gym, and I stayed home to surf the web, watch Netflix, and pretend to be productive. However, when he left the house it was already almost 5 PM, and I was starting to get hungry for dinner. So I figured to be proactive about my hunger and make a hotdog, but the problem is that I have yet to master out convection oven/microwave. So after putting the hot dog in this strange device and pressing a button that read “reheat” only seconds passed…

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