My visting ghost

I have this fantasy since childhood. That I will have some unfulfilled desires and to complete them, I will become a ghost. *grins stupidly* I will be this cute little Casperish ghost, who lives will explore the possibilities of being in the world of paranormal. No, I will not freak out people. No, no one will be able to see a dead me! Here is a list of wacky stuff I have to do as and when my ghost comes visiting the town.

No opening or closing doors. I will glide from this wall to that. Sideways. Or hover over buildings and fly. Or leap from terrace to terrace in gay abandon!I am not sure if ghosts can eat. If they do, I will treat myself to bakeries and taste their fresh stock. Not much, I promise. Just one from each bakery. ;)Get to watch movies first day first show, while people jostle at the ticket counter.Test drive every car by sitting at the passenger seat and passing on verdicts to no one in particular.Watch Game of Thrones series being shot on location. Or any other movie for that matter.Will roam around countries without passport. Definitely visiting Bermuda Triangle.Get a free trip to space. Watch how astronauts spend their day up there!Make friends with dogs. All dogs. Will make sure they don’t bark at me.Ogle at stationery items all day long and sniff at their lovely smell.Do some superhero work, saving mankind from mankind?Network with other ghosts and start a ghost blogging platform. 😛

What about you? What will you do when you turn a ghost?

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