Update on Tsu.co

Product Jungle.


So, a little over a month ago I wrote that I would be trying out this new social networking site that pays you to interact in it. It was pretty inconvenient for me to be posting often, but I would post a couple of days, multiple times and after a day or two I would get about $0.04 continuously and if I didn’t post at all for a week slowly that daily amount would lower to $0.03 then $0.02 until $0 daily. But, it’s not a full $0, in your account they actually show you a thousandths of a cent. So as I received $0 per day I was actually receiving $0.009 or $0.003 depending if I actually liked or commented on anything. Not much at all, but I don’t really care.

There are a ton of artists and entertainers in all…

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