4 Ways to beat Investment Stress

Saurin Parikh

(This column was first published on Value Research Online.)

Oh, yes! Investment-related stress is as real as any other kind of stress. And probably just like physical stress or emotional stress, it creeps into you unnoticed. But stress, of any kind, is never as innocuous as it seems.

What investment-related stress does is that it makes you take financial decisions injudiciously. It makes you take kneejerk reactions that might seem sound at that time, but would be detrimental to your overall investments.

So, yes, investment-related stress is real. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are real ways to beat this stress as well.

Clear out the junk

Many investors believe that they need a large number of funds to build a diversified portfolio. This is not true. You can get adequate diversification even with a few number of funds. Different strategies, different fund managers, different…

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