Dating Isn’t Complicated..We Are (Part 1)


Why does it seem like dating is so hard? We find somebody, they don’t turn out to be what we thought, and then we just repeat the cycle. We get on social media or go to other people and complain about why there are no good men/women out there. We have all the answers though. We can name everything wrong with our dating partners and why relationships can’t even remotely be successful because of them and only them.
The one place we tend to overlook (because it would hurt our pride way more than we would like) is OURSELVES and I don’t believe we ever take the time to TRUTHFULLY assess what WE could do better to come across quality, marriage-worthy counterparts, especially not without throwing a tremendous pity party and wanting to give up completely. Now I’m no expert, but between the happy relationship I’m currently in and the…

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