Dating Isn’t Complicated…We Are (Part 2)


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Often, in some fashion, what we’ve been through forms the perceptions we have now towards things such as dating. Here’s the kicker though.Our past experiences DON’Thave to define how we viewdating in the present and for the most part we know that, butwe still have a tendencyto let them. Weplaceourselvesin a position to repeat ourhistory once again by referencing or comparing our dates with “previous times” with others and using them as templates and forget onething about past experiences…they failed. People are different. Dating experiences are different. Old relationships passed away and we should make it our business to let them stay that way when we’re on the path to starting or ATTEMPTING to start a new one. Dating a new person should be a fresh start, more specifically, a fresh start WITHOUT last month’s or last year’s dirty laundry. Many times we blame our lack of success in dating…

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