How to tell a story


What a brilliant week. I’ve been bitten by a Rottweiler, been told to grow up….Nar not gonna happen, and tried to drown the gossip in the swimming pool. It’s been a lovely week. We’ve got a dog over the back of us that constantly howls, and I’ve over slept twice.
A young pup got over excited, poor thing. Only got bruised, no really harm done. My joyful attitude is not appreciated by everyone, they must be sad, so I feel for them. The lonely lady at the pool was a good swimmer and saw the funny side when I pushed her under the water to get pass. I apologised! At least my dogs are quiet. I’ve been so busy, the extra sleep has done me good.
The truth
Nothing really exciting to say about the week.
So I’ll improvise
I’ve tackled a ferocious vicious dog, wrestled him into submission…

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