Why is saving money so hard?!


So, I have a lot of big plans coming up this year of which will be revealed in the next couple months. However, in order for them to come to light I must save a whole lot of money. Now with my summer job I am provided room and board, so why does it feel like I’m spending more money than ever? Left and right I am asked, “Do you want to go get IHOP? Do you want to go get Taco Bell? Do you wanna go out tonight?”

NOOOOO. Don’t they know that I’m trying to save my money? Yet, it’s so hard to say no. So, I decided to share how I save money and compile a list of tips.

1. Carpool or take public transportation

Gas prices are a lot better than they used to be, but it still is an extra 30-40$ when it’s time to…

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